Card Game & Wireless Microphone

1 x Karaoke Card Game: Tin contains 75 Cards

Round up your sing out crew, pop open the tin, and get ready for a night of fun, laughter and a bag ah vibes!

Pick a card – follow the instructions and unleash your inner Caribbean artist(s).

Don’t know what to sing.. Nuh worry yuhself, we have YouTube lyrics video playlists we’ve put together for you to sing out to.

High Quality & Waterproof – no need to fret if you spill your rum on them!

1 x Wireless Microphone (Black or Gold)

Not just a high quality microphone, it is also has the following features:-

Bluetooth connection & Speaker (10m distance) to easily connect with all Bluetooth devices including Android IOS smart-phones and apps such as YouTube, Facebook etc.

Adjustable Volume

Voice Recorder

Voice Changer with 5 modes


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Card Game Tin - Card - Wireless Microphone GoldCard Game & Wireless Microphone
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